Noble Art Of Being Day Porter

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There are, in actual fact, quite a few categories of the job description that is the porter. This short note, to be sure, only really has space for a couple. There is the day and nightshift porter at your public or private hospital. There is also lots of day porter services palm beach county work being done, particularly in these harrowing times. Because let’s face the facts, it’s to be a welcome return to a clean city environment in the interests of health and safety.

There is also the smartly attired porter who assists you from the lift lobby right to the center of your room several floors up. But sad to see that some of these young chaps really do not know much of the noble art of being a full-time porter. They are usually fuming, stomping out of the room and rudely slamming the door behind them after disappointingly not being slapped with the obligatory ten percent or more tip.

Because of these expectations in upholding a long-running tradition, most decent porters will be doing a sterling job anyhow. Being a night porter in a busy emergency services ward is not for the fainthearted. You really have to have your wits about this job. All the physical and emotional trauma that they have to endure while replicating the empathy being expressed by nursing staff and medical practitioners alike.

Being a porter in a public restroom is no walk in the park either. Imagine having to walk into a dirty, smelly toilet bowl every second cubicle? Hard to imagine, to be sure. And yet it is work that has to be done. And if you can forgive the old cliché, these are jobs they love to do, that others hate.