Your Tooth Extraction Questions Answered

Most people hate the thought of pulling a tooth but it sometimes becomes necessary when a damaged tooth is unrepairable and other teeth are at-risk. Upon your visit to a dentist, you’ll get valuable information concerning the extraction and what to expect. In the meantime, the following Q&A can provide you with more insight and information before you head in for the procedure.

When do I Need an Extraction?

A dentist who examines your mouth determines when and if tooth extraction is needed based on the health and condition of the tooth. There are many reasons why an extraction may be needed, all of which work to protect your mouth and the other teeth in our mouth. Rest assured the dentist uses extractions only as a last resort. This is why visiting the dentist on a regular basis is so important.

How Long Does a Tooth Extraction Take?

The amount of time it takes to pull a tooth is usually about 30-minutes for simple extractions.  Of course, you can only anticipate that a surgical or a complex extraction will take much longer than average. However, sometimes they can take considerably longer, depending on the tooth location and condition.

Does a Tooth Extraction hurt?

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The amount of discomfort a person experiences during an extraction is usually minimal. After the procedure, expect some discomfort and swelling of the mouth. Pain medication eases the discomfort, but use it as prescribed.

How Long Does it Take to Heal After an Extraction?

The first couple of days after a tooth extraction are the worst. You may feel really tired during the two days and want to sleep. The entire tooth extraction healing st petersburg fl process takes one to two weeks, depending on the location and other factors.