How To Prevent Cavities

Our teeth are a very important part of our bodies.  They allow us to consume food as well as help build out our overall appearance.  When looking at our teeth, they are made up of a material known as calcium.  This calcium is a hard substance that allows us to break up hard items we consume.

On the outer layer of the tooth is a substance known as enamel.  This enamel is a protective coating that allows us keep our teeth protected from acids, bacteria and germs that are out to consume our teeth.  To help deal with our teeth health we need to commit to general oral care.  When we do this, cavity filling los angeles procedures will not be needed.

A cavity is a hole that appears in your tooth.  This occurs when the enamel layer is removed and the inner material of the tooth is exposed.  This can be very painful and if not addressed quickly can become a major problem in your mouth.

Watch what you eat

It is important that you know what it is you eat and how it affects your teeth.  Substances with high acid content, artificial flavors, colors and additives can cause havoc on your teeth.  When consuming food, you will also want to watch for the hardness of the foods you consume.  If you bite down on something that is really hard, then you run the risk of chipping or breaking a tooth or several teeth.

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Another major issue are sports.  When we play sports we are also putting ourselves in danger.  Sports such as hockey and football are known for people getting hit in the head and mouth.  As a result they can have a lose tooth or a tooth that totally comes out.

It is very important that you take care of your teeth.  When you do, they will take care of you and make your life much easier to manage.